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Original Medicare health insurance,  Medicare Part A and Part B will cover most of your healthcare expenses, but you’re still responsible for other costs like deductibles and copayments.

Original Medicare health insurance,  Medicare Part A and Part B, will cover most of your healthcare expenses, but you’re still responsible for other costs like deductibles and copayments.

Regardless of how you look at it, those expenses can add up, especially if you have more frequent health care needs. Anyone with an underlying health condition will have to visit the doctor more often, and the costs can add up quickly.

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A Medigap policy, also referred to as a Medicare supplement plans Ohio, helps to provide the needed extra coverage to assist with covering those costs. The Original Medicare will cover contributions towards your expenses, with the Medigap policy contributing to the remaining fees.

The Medigap policy can help you eliminate what you end up paying out of pocket or greatly reduce it.   For a full explanation call us anytime at 844-528-8688 for a personal consultation on what Medicare Supplement Plan in Ohio fits you the best.

What Do You Need To Know About Medigap plans Ohio

Your Original Medicare will cover most healthcare expenses, something we’ve established earlier. Yet, to qualify for a Medigap policy, you have to be enrolled in both Part A and Part B.

Ohio has 10 Medigap policies; each of these offers a slight variation or different coverage. Two plans can also be had with high-deductible options. We strongly advise that you have an understanding of each plan before deciding on which one suits your needs the best.

Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance

Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance

This part of Medicare, helps pay for care in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, some home health care, and hospice care.

Part A is $0 for most people

Has a “Per Period” Deductible


Medicare Part B

Medicare Part BMedical Insurance

This part of Medicare helps pay for doctor bills, outpatient hospital care, and other medical services not covered by Part A.

Part B is $170.10 per month for most 

Has an annual deductible


When Can You Enroll in Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?

Medigap has an Open Enrollment Period during which it is easiest to enroll. The Open Enrollment Period will automatically start on the same month you turn 65-years old and are enrolled in the Medicare Part B.  During this time, you can buy just about any Medigap policy in Ohio, even if you have a pre-existing health condition like heart disease or diabetes. We strongly advise that you buy a plan during this somewhat limited time window.

You can still buy the Medigap policy after your Open Enrollment Period ends, but it will often be more complicated and even time consuming. Many insurance companies may deny coverage after this period, especially if you have a pre-existing condition. If you are accepted, your pre-existing condition may be excluded, or there might be a 6-month wait period before the coverage kicks in.

If you have guaranteed issue rights, it is possible to enroll or change the Medigap policy after the Open Enrollment period without any additional restrictions. A licensed insurance company is required to allow an individual with issue rights to buy any policy; in other words, you can’t be denied coverage if there is a pre-existing condition, and the cost of your policy also can’t be increased. However, qualifying for guaranteed Issue Rights will require going through a specific event like moving out of the plan’s service area.

If you lose your current insurance, then too you might qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. It is during this period; you are allowed to make changes to the coverage. However, what changes you are allowed to make will vary depending on the qualifying event experienced.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Outside of the Enrollment Period, it can often be extremely challenging to change or select a Medigap policy unless you decide to go through a couple of changes, like maybe moving to a new area.
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What Are The Most Popular Ohio Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?

You have 10 Medigap Plans in Ohio to choose from, including Plan G and Plan F, with high deductible options. The coverage will vary depending on the plans you choose, though the most popular happen to be Plans G, N, and F. Our advice is to review the coverage for each plan and choose the best one for you.

Note: Plan F isn’t available for anyone eligible for the federal Medicare program after January 1st, 2020, which is why we will not be covering it in this article. Any references to Plan F, when talking about being eligible for Medicare or costs, is purely for comparison purposes.

How to Choose The Right Medicare Supplement Plan in Ohio?

Since each plan offers slightly different coverage, you need to consider the most frequent healthcare expenses. Ideally, you will want to choose a plan that covers all of the costs and charges a premium that you can easily afford.

We also advise that you use a third-party comparison tool to help you compare the various policies available. Regardless of the tool you use, make sure it offers an unbiased source of information.

Find Your High Quality, Low Cost Medicare Plan Today!

Find Your High Quality, Low Cost Medicare Plan Today!

How Much Will an Ohio Medigap Policy Cost You?

The cost and coverage of many Medigap plans in Ohio vary. We’ve taken the example of a 65-year-old female non-smoker living in Ohio as an example. We’ve used the cost calculator, which gave us these estimates. If anything, these are rough estimates or ballpark figures.

•Medigap Plan G: Premiums will range from $100 to $350.

•Medigap Plan G High Deductible: Premiums will range from $30 to $70.

•Medigap Plan N: Premiums range from $85 to $300

Source: cost calculator

It is essential to highlight that what you pay for Medigap coverage will vary quite a bit. If you decide to choose a high deductible plan, you will end up paying less per month, but you could also end up paying possibly more in the way of deductibles once you need to use the service. So, the more frequently, you use it the more money you will end up paying.

Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan G

It offers the most coverage with the least in the way of premium. Medicare Supplement Plan G offers the same benefits as the now-discontinued Plan F, except that you need to pay Part B deductible. The deductible is set by Medicare, which can change, though at present, it is slightly over $200.

Normally you will pay between $300 and $400 per year, less than what Plan F would have cost. Also, the plan has lower rate increases. In other words, you have a lot less uncertainty to deal with.

Once you have paid the Part B deductible, the benefits received are pretty identical to the now discontinued Medicare Supplement Plan F. After all, why would you want to pay an insurer $400 more a year, only to have to pay a $203.00 deductible?

View Plan G Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

View Plan G Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan N

It is one of the lowest-priced Medicare Supplement Plans but will require taking a little more risk and will cost you more out of pocket. Medicare Plan N has a copay of $20, for doctor’s visits, and a copay of $50 for emergency room visits.

Many people are used to copay’s, and it certainly adds a bit of cost when you see a doctor, but there is something else about Plan N that not many people may be aware of.

Plan N does not cover any excess charges, which could be a big deal for some people but not in Ohio. **Ohio, is one of the states that do not allow any Part B excess charges, making the Plan N Medicare supplement in Ohio a very attractive choice.

View Plan N Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

View Plan N Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

Changing Your Medigap Plan In Ohio

Even though it is possible to change your Medigap policy, you could be turned down if you do not pass underwriting.  There are some instances where you might be eligible for Guaranteed Issue Rights, but most will have to answer the health questions.

Are There Any Alternatives To Medicare Supplement?

Instead of a Medigap policy, you could enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan which will help cover some of the costs you may be responsible for with Part A and Part B Medicare. Some Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage, which is something that Medigap does not offer.  These are very different from a Medicare supplement plan so it is best to call us at 844-528-8688 to discuss if a Medicare advantage plan is a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Medigap plans are available in Ohio?

Since Ohio is one of the many states that allow “standardized” Medicare Supplement plans, there are currently 10 different plans available for sale.

What is the most comprehensive Medicare Medicare Supplement plan in Ohio?

Although Medicare Supplement plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage, Plan F is only available to applicants who became eligible for Original Medicare before January 1, 2020. Because of this, Medicare Supplement plan G is the most comprehensive Medigap plan that is available to all seniors eligible for Original Medicare.

What is the average cost of a Medicare Supplement plan in Ohio?

The cost of an Ohio Medicare Supplement plan depends on the plan that you choose and the region you live in. For example, Plan G can cost between $92 and $361.

Does Ohio Medicare Supplement plan N cover the Medicare Part B deductible?

Medigap Plan N does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible or excess charges,


Medicare tends to cover many of your health care costs, but the out-of-pocket costs like the deductibles can still add up with each visit. Having a Medigap policy will help reduce if not entirely eliminate having to pay fees. However, as always, do your research before choosing a plan. That said, if you need help choosing a plan, feel free to contact us. We can help you choose an insurance plan that meets your needs in the best possible way.

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