What is A Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is coverage that’s meant to pay for many of the out-of-pocket expenses which may otherwise not be covered by Part A and Part B of Medicare. It offers a list of comprehensive benefits which are like Medigap Plans G and F.

The advantage of Plan N is that people enjoy lower premiums, making it an attractive option  For a personalized consultation on Medicare supplement plans and each insurance company that offers them call us at 844-528-8688.

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What Does the Medigap Plan N Cover?

Medigap Plan N, Medicare Supplement Insurance covers four basic areas, which are of importance to just about anyone.    

  • Medical Expenses – The policy pays Part B coinsurance, except for a small copay for office visits and ER.  It pays the rest of the 20% of Medicare-approved expenses, after a small deductible.
  • Hospitalization – It pays Part A deductible and coinsurance and will provide coverage for around 365 additional days after the Medicare benefits end.
  • Hospice Care – It mainly pays Part A coinsurance
  • Blood – The first three pints of blood are paid for each year. The original Medicare will then pay for any more pints needed that year.
  • Foreign Travel Emergency

Medicare Supplement Plan N usually pays for nursing facilities and the Medicare Part A deductible for hospitalization.

What Will Medicare Supplement Plan N Cost You?

As with any other type of insurance policy, the premiums associated with Medicare Supplement Plans tend to differ based on your location, the company, and insurance.

However, just for references, in 2021, a 65-year-old woman who has no history of smoking and living in Florida will expect to pay between $120 and $180 for Supplement Plan N monthly. As you can see, there is a $60 difference variation for this exact same person because the insurer considers other variables.

So, the question is, how does an insurer set the price of premiums? Well, they use three price rating systems to help set premiums:

  • Issue-age-rated – One of the factors that the premium is based on is your age at the time of purchasing the policy. That’s why it will cost less for younger people. However, the premiums can’t be raised after the issue date.
  • Community rates – Generally, everyone with a Plan N will pay the same price, regardless of how old they may be. However, pricing still changes slightly based on inflation trends, but the insurer can’t raise the price because you’ve become older.
  • Attained age-related – This means that the premium may start low and then become more expensive as you age.

There can be a wide range of price differences, mainly if the insurance company sells the policies at a discount versus regular prices or uses medical underwriting to determine if you’re eligible for Medicare. When in the market for a Medicare Supplement policy, we strongly advise that you compare apples to apples.

In other words, you should compare a Medigap Plan N from insurer ‘A’ with a Medicare Plan N from Insurer ‘B.’ You never want to compare one company’s Plan N with the other company’s Plan B, because that way, the results you get are skewed, especially as far as the prices and benefits you can expect come in. Fortunately, our website allows you to easily compare plans and all that’s required is to enter your zip code.

View Plan N Quotes-

View Plan N Quotes-

How To Enroll for Medigap Plan N

People will enroll in the program as soon as they turn 65 and happen to be covered under Medicare Part B, and that will end six months to the date after your 65th birthday.

We strongly advise that you apply for benefits during this open enrollment period because it is the most advantageous in terms of pricing because insurers can’t use medical underwriting. In other words, you are guaranteed the absolute lowest prices.

Once the six months have elapsed, you could end up paying much higher premiums or have your covered denied if the medical underwriters decide you’re too risky to cover.

View Plan N Quotes-

View Plan N Quotes-

How Does Supplement Plan N Compare to Other Medigap Plans?

For starters, Medicare Supplement Plan N offers more coverage compared to Plan L and Plan K. For instance, it covers 100% copayments and coinsurance of Medicare Part B, versus Plans L & K, which only pay 75% and 50%, respectively. The same goes for Medicare Part A deductible.

Furthermore, the only so-called out of pocket expenses beyond this monthly premium is the $20 copay that’s needed for office visits and the copay for a trip to the ER for $50

Medicare Supplement Plan N vs. Plan G

Right of the bat, it is evident from the comparison table that Plan G offers more protection compared to Plan N. More precisely, Plan G covers two additional areas that Plan N does not.

  • Excess Charges: Usually, this is an additional cost charged by some service providers. The majority of healthcare providers accepting Medicare also accept Medicare assignments. The latter is the cost that Medicare states they will pay for that service. However, if the provider wants more money for that service, they will bill you the excess charge, which is only up to an additional 15% of the original cost.
  • Copayments: When you choose Plan N, you are responsible for copays of $20 or more for office visits. It can also be up to $50 if you end up in the emergency room but are not admitted as an inpatient.

Now, in addition to coverage differences between both plans, the cost of both these plans also varies quite a bit. The premiums you can expect to pay for each Plan will vary depending on the carrier you choose, but, Plan G is more expensive than plan N since it offers more coverage.

Even though Plan G has more expensive premiums, it could possibly save you money in the long term. Take, for instance, if you end up in the emergency room for whatever reason a few times a year, or you end up needing to visit the doctor’s office for treatment, the out-of-pocket expenses, if you have Plan N, can add up quickly and cost you more than if you had Plan G in the beginning.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Vs. Plan F

We often get asked what is the best Medicare Supplement Plan? However, what many people should be asking is what Medicare supplement is best for their circumstances. Considering your personal circumstances are important, which is why we’ve drafted the following points which should help people choose between Medigap Plan F Vs. Plan N.

Premium prices – The premiums for Plan F and Plan N can vary depending on a couple of factors like age, the use of drugs, tobacco, zip code, and the carrier selling the Plan. So, you need to think if the savings on Plan N is good enough to risk-bearing the extra out-of-pocket expenses?

Your health – Now, if you don’t have to see a doctor daily, it’s possible to save money with Plan N. however, if you soon find yourself having to visit the doctor more often, you’ll end up spending more money compared to if you were to just choose Plan F.

Thinking Ahead – Anyone who wants to change their Plan in the future will be subject to medical underwriting. For those who don’t know, this is a process that insurance companies will use to determine whom they are willing to cover and who they will decline based on their health condition. Most states allow this, which means that the chances are that changing your Plan is going to be near impossible.

Even though the differences between Plan F and Plan N are pretty straightforward, it can still be hard to decide between the two of them. However, it is important to let the math speak for itself. Many online tools will help you compare Plan F and Plan N, helping you make an informed decision when choosing health insurance.

Important Things You Should Know Before Enrolling In Supplement Plan N

Anyone who is new to Medicare and interested in enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plan N or maybe any other Medigap plan should be aware of the 5 things associated with these plans.

  • To qualify, you need to be enrolled in both Parts A & B
  • You can choose to have a Medigap Policy or a Medicare Advantage Plan, but you can’t have both. However, you can apply for a Medigap policy if you have the Medicare Advantage plan, but the Medicare Advantage Plan will have to be cancelled before the new Medigap policy kicks in.
  • A Medigap policy is designed to cover a single individual. If you have a spouse, they will need to have a policy of their own.
  • All Medigap policies are guaranteed to be renewed even for those who start having health issues later in life. The insurer can’t cancel the policy if you’re paying the monthly premium.
  • The Medigap policies usually include Plan N, but which does not cover everything. Plan N usually excludes dental care, long-term care, hearing aids, skilled nursing facility care if needed, and prescription drugs. You’ll need to join the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)


When a beneficiary needs inpatient hospital services, hospice care, blood transfusions, skilled nursing facility care, and home health care, Medicare coverage Part A provides the coverage. The hospital coverage for the plan N medicare supplement is identical to Plan F or Plan G.

How Does Medicare Plan N and Plan G Differ?

Plan F and Plan G both cover excess charges, which may not be a concern in most instances but especially if they aren’t allowed in the state where you reside. Plan N includes cost-sharing through a copayment mechanism and coinsurance, which is also covered by Plan G. Though, as mentioned earlier, premiums for Plan G are more expensive.

States that do not allow Medicare Part B Excess charges | M.O.M Law States

Which Carriers Offer Plan N?

Plan N happens to be one of the most popular plans, and it is offered by some of the largest, most well-known carriers. However, the company you choose ultimately depends on where you live, and the rates being offered.



Is part B Deductible Covered Under Plan N?

Plan N will not cover Part B deductible. It is often referred to as first-dollar coverage, which has been discontinued for new beneficiaries as of 01 Jan 2020. The only plans covering this deductible are Plan F, C, and High Deductible Plan F.

Is Plan N A Better Option Than Medicare Advantage?

Well, it is hard to answer for sure without knowing your health care needs and your financial situation. The Advantage plan is a better choice for people who don’t need to see the doctor all too often and who find Plan N to be expensive. However, you’ll have to deal with a short and restrictive network of doctors. If you don’t want to be restricted to a network of doctors, then Plan N makes more sense.

Does Supplement Plan N Cover Physical Therapy?

Only if your doctor states, it is necessary. Plan N covers out-of-pocket costs which may be associated with your physical therapy sessions.

Is Dental Covered Under Medicare Plan N?

The Plan does not cover dental services. You will have to choose a dental plan to close this gap in your Medicare coverage.

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