What Are The Top Medicare Supplement Companies

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Find An Affordable Medicare Supplement Plan

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Find An Affordable Medicare Supplement Plan

The top ten Medicare Supplement Companies are the companies that have a high financial ratings and an outstanding customer service record.  See what companies make our top 10 list and compare the rates for all the Medicare Supplement companies in your area.  Call 844-528-8688 for a personal recommendation on what company is right for your Medicare Supplement coverage.

Medicare Supplement Companies

From a benefits perspective, all Medicare Supplement Companies are great.  The reason is that they do not get to choose what benefits they pay, they are told what they will pay.

Medicare dictates what they will pay based on what Medicare Supplement Plan you have and they have no choice in the matter.  That being said, there are other factors that make one Medicare Supplement company better than another.

There are several Medicare Supplemental insurance companies in the country.  In coming up with this list, we looked at several factors including financial standing, rate history and customer service record. 

They also have at least an excellent A- rating with A.M. Best. These companies have existed for several years, and their reviews speak a lot about the service that they provide. Let us take a look!

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Insurance

Mutual of Omaha is an insurance company established in 1909, that carry’s many products including Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.  Mutual of Omaha was one of the first to offer Medicare supplement Plans and has subsidiary’s offering supplemental insurance plans across the nation.  See our Mutual of Omaha review here.

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

UnitedHealth Medical Supplement Insurance

UnitedHealth Medicare Supplement Plans are issued through UnitedHealthCare.  While the Medicare supplement Plans carry a well known branding the interest group that is branded does not provide insurance.  UnitedHealth is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States and offer several products including Medigap plans and Medicare Advantage plans that carry the UnitedHealth brand.  See more here.

Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance

Humana is a publicly traded company that offers many health insurance products, including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Part D plans.  While most know Humana for its Medicare advantage plans and their widely used Walmart Medicare Part D, they do offer Medicare Supplements in many states.  Read our review HERE.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna, headquartered in Tennessee has been providing Medicare supplemental insurance since 1966.  Aetna provides Medicare coverage with advantage plans, supplemental coverage and Part D plans.   Depending on what state you live, you will most likely purchase your Medicare Supplement Plan through one of Aetna’s subsidiary companies.  See our complete review of Aenta Medicare Supplement Plans here.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance

Cigna Medigap plans are available across the country through one of the many subsidiary companies like Loyal American or American Retirement Life.  They have established a large family of companies and an outstanding reputation for stable rates.  We have a complete Cigna review here

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Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Coverage

Founded in back in 1850 Manhattan Life offers all 10 of the Medicare Supplement Plans but they are limited to what state you reside in.  They have a stable rating of B+ and offer a household discount in most states.  Get the full Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement report HERE.

GPM Medicare Supplement Plans

GPM stands for the Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company. This company has been in existence since 1934 and had its share of success in the health insurance industry. Its policyholders own this company and direct its activities. GPM offers five Medicare supplement plans including Plan A, C, G F, and N.  See what we like about GPM Medicare Supplements HERE.

Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Bankers Fidelity started in the year 1955 and has been offering many Medicare supplement plans ever since. They offer coverage in several states and the most popular plans are Plan G, N and F.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Insurance

Blue Cross / Blue Shield is one of the largest companies in the Medicare supplement cover because it not only offers cover in the US but also in 170 other countries worldwide.  It started in 1929 as a medical insurance company targeting teachers. This company as an A.M. Best rating of A+.  While they are one of the biggest, we do not recommend them due to an unstable rate history.

New Era Life Medicare Supplement Insurance

New Era Life has been in existence since 1924 and run as a subsidiary of New Era Enterprises Inc. They are motivated by the need of creating quality products that enable people to take control of their finance and health plans, while at the same time keeping them as low as possible.  The only catch is that they are not available in every state see our full article here.

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