What is an AARP Medicare Supplement

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are Medicare Supplemental Insurance provided by United Healthcare that are offered under the banner of AARP.   The mission of AARP is “empowering people to choose how they live as they age”, and through Medigap plans they help fulfill this mission by protecting you from the gaps left in Traditional Medicare, such as copay and deductibles.  Compare pricing and get the details to see if an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan is a good fit for you, or call us at 844-528-8688 for a personal consultation.

AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance

While your Original Medicare is administered through the federal government, Medicare Supplemental Insurance (or Medigap) is handled a little bit differently. This optional addition to your Medicare is always provided by private insurance companies.

AARP doesn’t actually provide the insurance, instead partnering with UnitedHealthCare to provide you quality insurance coverage from professionals who have been in the Medigap business for decades.

While you might worry that AARP is acting as a middle man that could muddle up insurance claims and other business, it’s simply a mutual business arrangement between the two companies. AARP earns a commission on referrals while UnitedHealthCare is able to extend their reach by latching on to a brand with massive recognition.

United Health Care is one of the most trusted names in insurance, and you may already recognize them because in addition to Medigap, they also offer employer insurance.

They offer a wide range of AARP Medicare Supplement Plans across many states. When you choose them for your Medicare Supplemental  coverage, you are choosing quality and reliability.

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

Benefits of AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

Remember that all Medigap plans are going to include the same coverage regardless of your provider. However, not all providers are going to carry the same plans, and they won’t all have the same premiums. That is, Plan F is Plan F regardless of the provider.

Therefore, when it comes to selecting the right insurance company for your Medicare Supplement, you are shopping around primarily based on price, customer service, and plan availability—in addition to any other perks that the insurance provider might include.

Here are some of the benefits to choosing an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan:

  • Competitive Prices:  UnitedHealthCare is one of the largest insurance providers in the nation. Because they’ve captured such a huge chunk of the market share, they can offer very favorable prices on premiums.  As premiums change regularly, and vary from state to state, we can’t provide an immediate list. Contact us today at 884-528-8688 to learn more about prices for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans.
  • Silver Sneakers:  Silver Sneakers is a national health program that partners with local gyms and fitness centers to provide you with access to professional fitness equipment and exercise classes to keep you fit throughout old age.  Not all Medigap providers include Silver Sneakers, but UnitedHealthCare does. This means that you’ve got free access to over 14,000 locations throughout the United States to keep yourself healthy, regardless of age or ability.
  • Many Options:  UnitedHealthCare does not offer all ten Medicare Supplement Plans, but it does include the most popular ones, including Plans F, G, and N.

    Plan G is generally what we recommend as the ideal plan for most people. You get the best bang for your buck when you compare premiums to benefits. Medicare Supplement Plan G covers everything except the Part B deductible (which really isn’t that expensive). Plan F includes everything, and is available in a high deductible version. It is hands down the most popular Medigap plan available. Medicare Supplement Plan N is a good option for those who are okay paying copays for common services in exchange for lower premiums.

    UnitedHealthCare, therefore, is a great choice because you’ll have access to all of the best Medigap plans. Of course, what really matters is that it includes the plan that you want. So we recommend talking to a professional to help you determine the best plan for you before choosing a provider.

  • Easy Plan Comparisons:   UnitedHealthCare makes browsing Medigap plans a cinch. While a lot of companies hide their plans and rates behind a sales rep, you can go to UnitedHealthCare’s website, enter a little bit of information, and get a complete list of plans available near you, including premiums, deductibles, and coverage benefits.

While this is a great tool for informing yourself and doing some preliminary research, we still recommend working with a qualified Medicare agent in order to ensure you find the best Medicare supplement for you.

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

Why You Need to Consider Medigap Coverage from AARP

Without additional coverage like that provided by an AARP Medigap Plan, you’ll be at the mercy of surprise expenses, hefty deductibles, and painful coinsurance charges. Here are a few of the out-of-pocket expenses you can prevent with the right AARP plan.

  • Part A deductible:  Your Medicare Part A benefits come with a deductible of $1,340 (in 2018). And this isn’t an annual deductible. It can recent after you’ve been out of inpatient care for 60 days, which means you might have to pay it multiple times a year.
  • Part B Excess Charges:  Doctors in most states are legally permitted to charge up to 15% above the fee assigned by Medicare for services. Under Traditional Medicare, you would be responsible for paying these excess charges.  So, for example, imagine you required a service for which the Medicare maximum was $1,000. Your doctor could charge $1,150, in which case you would have to pay the extra $150 out of your own pocket.

Compare AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are shopping for Medigap, you want to choose a provider that has a trusted name and a quality product. AARP Medicare Supplement Plans offer just that. When you choose them you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen one of the biggest names in the industry, UnitedHealthCare, backed by the powerful brand of AARP.

Give us a call today at 844-528-8688 or fill out our contact form to get in touch today. We’ll help you compare prices on AARP Medigap plans and find the best one to fit your needs and your budget.

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