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If you choose to enroll in Medigap to extend your health insurance beyond the bare minimum covered by Medicare Parts A and B, you will need to choose an insurance provider. Medicare Supplements are a little bit different than your Original Medicare because they are not administered by the federal government.

While finding a provider means a little bit more decision making on your part, it also means that insurance providers will be competing for your business, which translates to better service and lower costs.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plans

One such company that stands out among the competition is Manhattan Life, a Houston based company that began as a life insurance provider but eventually branched out into health, dental, and vision coverage.

Today, you can choose one of many Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plans to protect yourself against costly copay, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses

Manhattan Life enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and serves customers alongside three other child companies of the Manhattan Life Insurance Group: Family Life Insurance, Central United Life Insurance, and Western United Life Insurance. The company has been insuring their members since 1850, so when you choose them you are choosing one of the oldest names in the business

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View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

Benefits of Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plans

Comparing insurance providers is an important part of your enrollment in Medigap because your provider is one of the only things you have control over when it comes to managing your Medicare supplement plan.

This is because all Medigap plans provide the same benefits regardless of who administers them. Plan A from Manhattan Life is going to offer the same coverage as Plan A from AARP

Manhattan Life Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plans

Insurance providers aren’t required to carry every Medigap plan. However, Manhattan Life has got the ones that count. In almost every state, they offer the most popular Medigap plans: C, F, G, and N. Collectively, these four plans made up 81% of all enrollees in 2015.

So if you choose a Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plan, odds are pretty good that you’ll be able to find the plan you need.

A Brand You Can Trust

When you choose Manhattan Life as your Medigap provider, you are joining the ranks of millions of customers who put their trust in this giant of the insurance industry. For almost 170 years, Manhattan Life has been living their mission to provide “reliable, innovative, and cost-effective products”.

Manhattan Life has been setting the bar high since their founding in 1850. They were the first insurance agency to offer life insurance plans with non-contestable clauses, one of the first ever companies to offer life insurance to women, and in 1894 the company building was even the tallest building in the world—a physical testament of Manhattan Life’s commitment to do big things for their customers.

Other Insurance Offerings

Manhattan Life offers more than just Medigap policies. If you are the sort of person who likes to keep things as simple as possible, here are just a few of the other types of insurance that you can get from Manhattan Life:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Purchasing as many of your insurance policies from the same place can make customer service and plan management a lot more straightforward. This is why, for example, many auto insurance providers also offer homeowners insurance

30-day Free Look Period

All Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plans come with a 30-day free look period. This is like a trial period in which you can test out a new plan, should you be unhappy with your current Medigap plan.

Let’s say you were on Plan C, but were considering switching to Plan G. For 30 days, you could be enrolled in both plans. You would have a chance to explore the new plan during this trial month in order to see how it works for you. If you like it, you can drop Plan C and keep G. Otherwise, you just decide to stick with Plan C.

The 30-day free look period is a great way to test the waters of a Medigap plan without jumping straight into the deep end and sinking into a plan that doesn’t actually work for you.

Why You Need to Consider Medigap Coverage from Manhattan Life

Without Medigap, you are left with very basic medical coverage from Medicare Parts A and B. While this is better than nothing at all, and a better value than you could find from private insurers, you are still left with countless gaps in your coverage.

Here are a few scenarios to demonstrate how a Medicare Supplement Plan from Manhattan Life could save you money and stress

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

View Mediagap Quotes-Enter Your Zip Code:

Foreign Travel

Imagine you decide to take a trip to Europe in your retirement, but while overseas you suffer a medical emergency to the tune of $3,000.

Traditional Medicare does not extend outside of the U.S., so you would have to pay the entire fee out of pocket. With the right Medigap plan, however, you could be reimbursed for 80% of the charges, after meeting a $250 deductible. That would leave your total cost at approximately $800—a lot better than $3,000.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Suppose something happened that required you to be admitted to a skilled nursing facility for 45 days. With your Original Medicare coverage from Part A, only the first 20 days are covered completely. The remaining 25 days will cost you $167.50 per day in coinsurance, or a whopping $4,187.50 overall.

Almost every Medigap plan, however, pays 100% of your coinsurance, leaving your total charges at zero dollars if you choose Manhattan Life for your Medicare Supplement.

Compare Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plans

Remember that you’ve only got so long to enroll in Medigap before you could be denied coverage or charged extra for pre-existing conditions.

Take some of the stress off of choosing your Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Plan by letting us help you make the right decision.

Our services are 100% free to you, so give our team a call at 844-528-8688 or fill out our contact form and get professional help finding the best Medigap plan for you.

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