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Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota

For Medicare Supplement Plans Minnesota, there are several choices, but what is the best Medicare Supplement Plan in Minnesota?  The answer to that question is "It depends".  I know that is not exactly what you are looking for but please keep reading for a full explanation or call us anytime at 844-528-8688 for a personal consultation on what Medicare Supplement Plan in Minnesota fits you the best.

No matter where you live in Minnesota, when you enter Medicare, you need Medicare supplemental coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Medicare Supplement Plans Minnesota are readily available without any clinical underwriting throughout your the open enrollment period.  See our Medicare Supplement Guide for information on entering into Medicare.

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First Things First, You Need Medicare

To be eligible for a Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan, you need to have Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance

Medicare Part A
Hospital Insurance

This part of Medicare, helps pay for care in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, some home health care, and hospice care.

Part A is $0 for most people

Has a "Per Period" Deductible


Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B
Medical Insurance

This part of Medicare, helps pay for doctor bills, outpatient hospital care and other medical services not covered by Part A.

Part B is $134.00 per month for most 

Has an annual deductible


Enrolling into Medicare

There are two different scenario's when it comes to your Medicare Enrollment, to find out what you need to do to enroll in Medicare, see below to find which fits your situation.


If You Are Currently Receiving
Social Security

If you are currently receiving Social Security Payments, you will receive your Medicare card in the mail, approximately 90 days prior to your 65th birthday.


If You Are NOT 
Currently Receiving Social Security

If you are not receiving Social Security Payments you will need to Enroll into Medicare with the Social Security Dept.  You can call 

1-800-772-1213, Online at, or visit your local Social Security Office.

Finding Your Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan

Now that you understand signing up for Medicare, it is time to find the best Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan for you.  While rates for Medicare Supplement Plans Minnesota are very important, you need to also look at the company and the rate increase history.  What might be the absolute cheapest monthly premium now, could end up very costly down the road.

Medicare Supplement Companies tend to come into an area with a very low "introduction price" in essence they are buying new business.  After they start building the book of business they will raise the rates significantly to cover the losses.  This is just one of the reasons we at Medicare Solutions Team carry over twenty Medicare Supplement Plans Minnesota providers.

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MN Medicare Supplement Plans, sometimes called Medigap Plans are set and standardized by CMS (Medicare).  Minnesota is on of the 3 states that do not follow the 10 lettered plan standardization.  For Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota you have different options.

 Minnesota Medigap plans are the Basic Plan, Extended Basic Plan, and versions of the standard Medigap Plans K, L, M, N and High Deductible F.   See below for the benefits of each plan, not all Medicare supplement companies offer every plan.

Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans

Minnesota Medicare Supplement Basic and Mandatory  Benefits

 MN Medicare Supplement Plans do have some basic benefits and state mandated coverage's that each plan must cover.  The basic benefits in all Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans are as follows:

  • Inpatient Hospital Care:  Covers the Medicare Part A coinsurance
  • Medical Costs:  Covers the Medicare Part B coinsurance (of the Medicare approved amount)
  • Blood:  Covers the first 3 pints of blood used each year
  • Hospice:  Covers the Part A Coinsurance 
  • Home Health and Medical Supplies:  Covers both the Part A and Part B cost sharing.

The Minnesota state mandated benefits for Medicare Supplement Plans are as follows:

  • Diabetic equipment and supplies
  • Routine cancer screening
  • Reconstructive surgery (resulting from injury, sickness or other disease.)
  • Immunizations

Minnesota Medicare Supplement "Basic" Plan

The basic MN Medigap plan has the following benefits.

  • Basic Benefits (listed above)
  • Part A: skilled nursing facility (SNF) coinsurance (provides 100 days of SNF care)
  • 80% of foreign travel emergency
  • Medicare-covered preventive care
  • 20% of physical therapy
  • The state mandated coverage (listed above)

Medicare Supplement Plan Minnesota Basic option is a low cost option but does some out-of-pocket risks and does not cover the following but there are riders that can be added at additional cost.

  1. Part A Deductible  (Rider Available)
  2. Part B Deductible (Rider Available)
  3. Part B Excess Charges (Rider Available)
  4. Preventative Coverage not covered by Medicare (Rider Available)
  5. Coverage while in a foreign country
  6. Usual and customary Fees

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Minnesota Medicare Supplement | Extended Basic Plan

The Extended Basic Plan for MN Medicare Supplement Plans is the most comprehensive benefit package.  The coverage is listed below.

  • The Basic Benefits (Listed Above)
  • Part A: inpatient hospital deductible
  • Part A: skilled nursing facility (SNF) coinsurance (provides 120 days of SNF care)
  • Part B: deductible
  • 80%* of foreign travel emergency
  • 50% of outpatient mental health
  • 80%* of usual and customary fees
  • Medicare-covered preventive care
  • 20% of physical therapy
  • 80%* of coverage while in a foreign country
  • State-mandated benefits (diabetic equipment and supplies, routine cancer screening, reconstructive surgery, and immunizations)

* The plan pays 100% after you spend $1,000 in out-of-pocket costs for a calendar year.

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Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of the lowest cost Medicare Supplement Plans, but you will take on a little more risk and out-of-pocket costs.  With a Medigap Plan N you will have copay's of $20.00 for the doctor visits and a $50.00 for an emergency room visit.

Paying a copay is something that most people are used to, and does add some cost if and when you go to the doctor, but there is another fact of the Plan N that you need to be aware of.

The Plan N does not cover Medicare Part B excess charges, now this could be a big deal or nothing at all.  If a doctor accepts Medicare but is not assigned by Medicare he can legally charge you 15% over the Medicare approved amount.  You would then be responsible for that extra cost.

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Medicare Assignment

Medicare Assignment means that your doctor, provider, or supplier agrees (or is required by law) to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for covered services.

Minnesota, is one of the the states that do not allow any Part B excess charges.  This law is known as the M.O.M law (Medicare Overcharge Measure).  This means that doctors must accept Medicare Payment in full according to the Medicare approved payment schedule. With this fact, the Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan N could be a very good fit.

For complete details on Medicare Supplement Plans Minnesota, you can reach us by email on our contact us page or by calling 844-528-8688.  Remember there is never a fee for our services.

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