Medicare does not always cover everything, which leaves beneficiaries to pay some of their own expenses. But Medicare Supplement plans fill those gaps. so then, which is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan?

These plans are sold through private insurance companies. According to the Keiser Family Foundation, about 11 million people have bought them to help mitigate out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

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When researching Medicare Supplement plans, there are several affordable options from which to choose. To find the best plan for your needs, keep reading to learn more about your options.

What You Should Know Before Choosing the Best Medicare Supplement Plan

There are eight different Medicare supplement plans that you can buy to supplement your Original Medicare. But first, you need to have Parts A and B of Original Medicare in order to purchase any type of plan.

All Medicare Supplement plans offer the same standardized benefits, but different types of policies have different coverage options. Medigap policies are guaranteed renewable and cannot be canceled by the insurance company for health reasons as long as your monthly premium is paid.

Basic coverages that all plans must carry are:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance charges (up to 365 days after Original Medicare benefits have exhausted)
  • Hospice care coinsurance and copayments under Medicare Part A
  • Original Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments
  • The first 3 pints of blood needed for a medical procedure

What Medicare Supplements do not cover:

  • Retail prescription drugs
  • Dental
  • Hearing aids
  • Vision services
  • Long-term care services
  • Private-duty nursing

Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison Chart 2022

Use this Medigap comparison chart to find the different coverages available in the standardized Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans:

Medgap comparison chart

ATTENTION: only applicants who became eligible for Orignal Medicare before January 1, 2020 can purchase a Medigap Plan C or F.

Considering a Medicare Plan?

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Consider your Healthcare Needs and Your Budget

A lot of the time, seniors who begin shopping for the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan do not ask the right questions to determine which plan will likely be their best fit. Here are five of the most popular frequently asked questions to help you develop a short list for your consideration:

Which plan offers the most comprehensive coverage?

Since CMS no longer allows medicare supplement plans to cover the Medicare Part B deductible for anyone who became eligible for Medicare after Jan 1, 2020, Medigap Plans C and F are pretty much off the table. This rule makes Medigap Plan G the most comprehensive in terms of benefit coverage.

Which Medicare Supplement plan offers prescription drug coverage?

The short answer is none of them. No Medicare Supplement plan covers the gaps in Medicare Part D. You can, however, purchase a Medicare Supplement plan and Medicare Part D if prescription drug coverage is important to you.

Which Medicare Supplement plans have out-of-pocket expense limits?

In 2022, there are only two Medicare Supplement plans that have out-of-pocket limits:
Medicare Supplement Plan K – will cover 100% of healthcare expenses under Medicare Part A and B once the policyholder has spent $6,620 out-of-pocket (during the year).

Medicare Supplement Plan L – will cover 100% of healthcare expenses under Medicare Part A and B once the policyholder has spent $3,310 out-of-pocket (during the year).

NOTE: Medicare Supplement plans K and L pay the least amount of covered healthcare expenses until you’ve reached the out-of-pocket limit.

Which Medicare Supplement plans will cover me when I’m out of the country?

The Medicare Supplement plans that offer coverage for foreign travel medical emergencies is C, D, F, G, M, and N.

Which Medicare Supplement plans are the cheapest?

For 2022 Medigap plan cost averages, Medigap Plan K is the cheapest in terms of monthly premiums. Remember, when you sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan, the coverage is on top of Medicare Part A and Part B. Therefore, you must continue to make your Medicare Part B premiums every month.

Which is the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Company?

There are many great life and health insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplement insurance. Most of them do a great job but like in any competitive industry, some stand out among the others.

Here are three of our “go-to” insurance companies for Medicare Supplement insurance:

Rates: Cheapest for Plan G with premiums averaging $150 per month

Available Plans: A, F, G, High Deductible G, and N

Financial Ratings: A.M. Best A+ – Moody’s A1 – S&P Global A+

Product Portfolio


Life Insurance

Ancillary Products

Medicare Supplements


Long-Term Care 

Prescription Drug Plans

Whole Life

Disability Income

Dental Insurance

Universal Life

Critical Illness Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance

Cancer, Heart, Stroke Ins.

Rates: Extremely competitive with all plans offered

Available Plans: A, B, C, D, F, G, and K

Financial Ratings: Rated “A” by A.M. Best

Product Portfolio:


Health Insurance


Medicare Supplement Plans

ACA Health Plans

Dental Plans

Prescription Drug Plans

Group Health Plans

Vision Plans


Student Health Plans

Supplemental Plans

Accendo is the result of a partnership formed between Aetna and CVS to offer Medicare Supplement plans supported by outstanding customer service and delivering competitive prices.

With a reduction in prices, while still delivering excellent results, it is the best of both worlds, making it a great choice for budget-conscious individuals.

Rates: Very Competitive

Available Plans: A. B, F, G, and N

Financial Ratings: A.M. Best “A”

Product Portfolio: Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)

How do I pick a Comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan?

Although at first glance, selecting a Medicare Supplement plan that is right for you may seem daunting. With so many companies and plans to choose from, many seniors feel frustrated trying to find the best plan at affordable prices.

We recommend using this article and the FAQs provided to develop a short list of companies and then call one of our insurance professionals to help you confirm your selection based on your circumstances and budget.

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