Do I need Medicare at 65 while still working

Medicare While Still Working, depends on the size of your company, or how many employees they have. More and more seniors are working past the age of 65 and the rules of if you need Medicare or not can be confusing.  The answer is, it depends, keep reading for the answer to your specific situation or call 844-528-8688 for a personal consultation.

Medicare while still working – Your company sets the rules

There are a couple of facts you need to know about signing up for Medicare if you are going to work past age 65 and your Medicare Open Enrollment period.  The size of your employer will determine if you must sign up for Medicare or if you will be able to put it on hold.  See the list below to see what situation fits you.

  • Employer has Less than 20 employees:  If this is your situation, you should sign up for Medicare Parts A and B as soon as you are eligible.  In this situation Medicare works with your group plan if you have one and will be primary provider.
    •    If you refuse to sign up with Medicare your group plan can refuse payment on your     claims, and you will end up with a fine for late enrollment to Medicare.
  • Employer has 20 or more employees:  If you have a group health insurance plan, you may be able to delay or put on hold both Medicare Part A and Part B.
    • If you are eligible for Part A, with no premium you can enroll and put Part B (which has a premium) on hold until you retire or lose group coverage.

Compare The Costs

If you are working for a larger employer or getting your benefits from a spouse and are entering your Medicare Open Enrollment, you will want to compare the costs and benefits.

With Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Plan your coverage might be much better than what you currently have through your employer.  Many employer or group plans have went to high deductible or HSA model plans.

You should carefully look at what your group plan costs in premium and compare that to Medicare and a supplemental plan.



Medicare and Retiree Plans

If you are getting a retiree plan from your previous employer, you should sign up for parts A and B.  You might not need a Medicare Supplement plan in this instance because Medicare would pay primary to your plan.

You still will want to look over the cost is any of the retirement plan verse a Medigap plan.  You will pay for your Part B premium in this scenario.

Medicare and COBRA

Cobra would be the same as the retiree plan and that you would need to start Part A and B and they would pay primary to the COBRA plan.  The COBRA coverage will only last eighteen months or a year and a half.


Remember that your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period starts when the Part B goes into effect, not when you end your retiree or COBRA plan.

Signing up for Medicare while still working

The process for signing up for Medicare while you are still working is the same.  Your enrollment period starts three (3) months before you turn 65, the month you turn 65 and extends three months past your 65th birthday month.

  1. You can call Social Security 800-772-1213
  2. Apply online:
  3. Visit your local Social Security Office:  Click for Office Locator

Cost and Benefits

At the end of the day, you will need to determine what is the most cost effective plan for your health and Medicare benefits.  If you are looking at Medicare While Still Working, reach out to your benefits coordinator or Human Resource person to have a discussion.

Remember that if you are keeping your group plan and Medicare Parts A and B, you will most likely have a premium for the plan and part B.  It is very important to calculate the costs and benefits especially if you are on a spouses plan.

You can always call us for information regarding the Medicare side of the equation at 844-528-8688 or email us from our Contact Us Page.

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